ounce - a common measurement in baking - conveys the sensory quality of lightness


Ounce Cookies specializes in craft cookies tailored to ingredient conscious consumers in contemporary flavors. We curate assorted cookie gift boxes for holidays & special occasions. Individual flavor (or alternately, "favor") bags are available through local retail channels in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We carefully select & combine ingredients to highlight flavor, texture, and aroma. We avoid artificial colors and preservatives, and choose organic options wherever possible, tailoring our cookies to a variety of palates & preferences that reflect the Bay Area & beyond.

ingredients count

we use Straus Family Creamery Organic European Style Butter from local Pasture-Based Cows in our non-vegan recipes

open faced cookies

no twisting required to get to the filling

a curated cookie experience

refreshing familiar flavor profiles / experimenting with cross-cultural culinary notes / tapping into lifestyle preferences

assorted cookie gift boxes